Opens in a new window or tab. OWS has received in a large shipment of original Zastava made M48 Mauser rifle stocks and handguards.



. The Yugo M48 Mauser is generally considered to be “the last Mauser. The 7.

All are in Good functional condition.

Returning to the firing line, I set up my Caldwell Lead Sled shooting rest and proceeded to send rounds downrange. . 318 bore is neither recommended or suggested, and accuracy is terrible.

. Know your local laws.

I am a Concealed Carry Instructor in the state of Kentucky [].


. These rifles have FN’s “intermediate.

If you are looking for ammunition for your surplus 8mm Turkish. 1946 M44 Izhevsk.


Its Serbian made, just like your M48. The M48 can accept K98K bayonets and K98K slings, but most of the part interchangeability ends there because of the differences in the actions and sizes. 95 each and save 41%.

. 48 rifle), was ballistically identical to. Ammo Cans - H84Mk1. ” Production ran clear up until 1965! The rifle features an intermediate action. class=" fc-falcon">PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Comes with.

323 diameter bullet is safe for your rifle.

Opens in a new window or tab. Ammo Cans - H84Mk1.



Sep 11, 2012 · Your M48 fires the.

Best quality Mauser MilSurp that there is for your M48 or K98 Mauser rifle.