Comfort Environments - Selecting Ventilation System.


This chapter specifies the most important conditions concerning air supply and extraction that must be satisfied by the installation room of one or more air-cooled compressors. This class is well suited for an individual looking at the most relevant best practices for design and safety of the ammonia refrigeration system and the engine room that houses this equipment.

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If the compressor is in an open room, the room must be large enough to dissipate the heat removed from the compressor.

Problem example: Determine the machine room ventilation for an air-cooled condensing unit operating at 25°F evaporator, 120°F condensing with a net refrigeration capacity of 23,000 Btu/Hr. Calculation: 250 CFM is 250 cubic feet per minute. class=" fc-falcon">1107.

The ventilation fan/fans should be placed high up on one of the compressor room's end walls, and the air intake placed on the opposite wall.

This totals 1,026 Watts per compressor HP or roughly 3,500 BTUH per compressor HP. Nov 19, 2007 · air compressor in a 8 x 14 room. The desired pressure relationship between rooms or spaces is created and maintained by a properly designed and controlled ventilation system to achieve a specific airflow offset as determined.

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Calculate air supply temperature.


The possibility of using water-cooled compressors should be. .

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Here are four factors to consider when designing the ventilation for your compressor room: 1.

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Step Two - Calculate the volume of the room (L’xW’xH’).

The amount of air required for ventilation and cooling in the boiler room is determined by the heat loss from the boiler shell or jacket, the boiler piping, breechings, stacks, and any other heat-generating equipment present in the boiler room. Calculate air supply temperature. 9 Ventilation Intake.

4°C). * Minutes per Change (Min/change) Get help calculating minutes per change. . The air velocity at the ventilation inlet opening should not exceed 4 m/s. This fan calculator is typically used to calculate the CFM or cubic feet per minute of air exchange that may be desired in a building. 6 COMPRESSED AIR DISTRIBUTION 89.


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To calculate the CFM required to adequately ventilate an area, we divide the room volume by the appropriate “Minutes per Change” value.