On the left sidebar, select Deployments > Feature Flags.

5 (October 2020), actual feature flags are available for all:.

4. All methods require administrator authorization.



. fc-falcon">Tutorial: Make a GitLab contribution. .

REST API resources are documented in Markdown under /doc/api.

. Labels. .

On the left sidebar, select Deployments > Feature Flags. Moreover, this allows a higher-level view of the entire API, rather than just the source code — a critical requirement for any organization who wants to build a structured and robust API program.

Each resource has its own Markdown file, which is linked from api_resources.


Moved to GitLab Free in 13. 0 12.

Framework - DeclarativePolicy. Flip the feature flag locally to ensure it works.

class=" fc-falcon">Navigate to your project's Operations > Feature Flags.
Enables the feature for lists of users created in the Feature Flags UI, or with the Feature Flag User List API.


Or, to delete the environment spec, on the right, click the Remove (X) icon.

. Feature Flags pagination. Documentation for GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition, Omnibus GitLab, and GitLab Runner.

fc-falcon">Experiments or A/B testing are a primary feature flag example. 8 13. Create an epic board. Earlier this year, we committed to moving 18 features to our open source Core product and took the first step in delivering on this promise by. This in turn can be.

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2, we introduced percent rollout and user ID Feature Flag strategies. Create job artifacts.

Add the feature flag into the code for the backend, frontend, and in tests: Develop with the feature flag in your vertical slice.